You Don’t Have The Liberty To ‘Interpret’ The Words Of Others

I had a sad encounter today.  I had another believer tell me they are secure in their faith because of their ‘interpretation’ of the Lord’s Word.  I have come to a point where, every time I head someone speak words to the effect of, ‘That’s your interpretation,’ another piece of my heart dies.  How is it that otherwise intelligent people convince themselves that they have the liberty to ‘interpret’ the meaning of another person’s words?  Worse still, how do believers convince themselves that they have this liberty with YHWH’s Word?  Well, I’m telling whoever will listen that none of us have such liberty.  If you’ll let me, I’ll explain why. Continue reading “You Don’t Have The Liberty To ‘Interpret’ The Words Of Others”

Did You Know An Opinion Can Be Wrong?

In our modern society, it is common to treat people as though their opinion is just as legitimate as our own.  In fact, we are almost forced to treat the opinion of others as valid, no matter what that opinion may be.  And, in some cases, where political dictates are involved, we may even have to defer to or subjugate our personal opinions to that of others.  Well, I’m here to tell you that not all opinions are equal.  In fact, opinions can be wrong — and I can prove it! Continue reading “Did You Know An Opinion Can Be Wrong?”

Dictionary PROVES Riots Are Insurrection — NOT ‘Protests!

I have had it past my level of tolerance with people who pervert everything they touch — especially people who cannot even conform to the rules which govern our language.  If we are to the point where we can’t even agree on the meaning and proper use of something as simple and basic as words, then it is time to allow chaos to rule and sort things out after the blood has dried in the streets (which is what the people perverting our language want).  However, I am not ready to do that — not as long as I can still prove to the sane and reasonable among us that these riots are actually an insurrection, not a protest. Continue reading “Dictionary PROVES Riots Are Insurrection — NOT ‘Protests!”