The Party of ‘Democracy’

Recently, I wrote a post, The Party of ‘Science?’, in which I demonstrated that this Party is anti-science.  Well, that same Party that claims ‘science’ also claims to support ‘democracy.’  However, in this case, I actually believe this Party does support the notion of ‘democracy’ (but not necessarily the actual results).  I have brought over an old post from The Road to Concord to explain why I say this. Continue reading “The Party of ‘Democracy’”

What Common Ground?

In my last post, I argued that the true divide in America today is not political in the sense of Left vs Right, but in the sense of right vs wrong.  If I am correct, that leaves us with a rather unsettling question: if we are divided along the line of right vs wrong, then what common ground is there to be found around which these two sides can unite? Continue reading “What Common Ground?”

The True Divide in America

Is America divided?  I have heard many people arguing that we are, and many others who try to argue that we are not as divided as it appears.  One side says we are split along political, Left vs. Right lines.  Another side says we have more in common than we realize, but we are being divided by both sides of this political divide.  I disagree with both of these sides.  I think we are a divided nation, but I think the divide is along an entirely different line. Continue reading “The True Divide in America”