The American Left Is Pushing For Another French Revolution

Have you been paying attention to the people who are trying to tell you the truth about what is happening in America?  I do not mean the ‘main stream’ media.  They are no longer journalists, they are Left-wing radicals pushing Communist propaganda.  No, I am talking about the small bloggers and individuals performing journalism by taking video, themselves.  Well, if you have not noticed, the American Left is advocating for a new French Revolution.  The question now is, do you understand what that means? Continue reading “The American Left Is Pushing For Another French Revolution”

ANTIFA and the American Left are Modern Equivalents of the Blackshirts and Brownshirts

Since ANTIFA is in the news again, I thought it would be a good time to share the truth about this organization and its history.  The following post has been copied from another of my blog pages, The Road To Concord.  Everything you are about to read and watch is true and can be easily verified — especially if you have hard-copy books from before the modern Progressive era (circa 1990 — ).  But I warn you, this is not for the snow flakes among us; it is meant for those who sincerely wish to know the truth.
Continue reading “ANTIFA and the American Left are Modern Equivalents of the Blackshirts and Brownshirts”

Because, “I Want To Change The World!”

When I was in college, studying for a degree in Sociology, I encountered a class that gave me some information that should have bothered ‘the powers that be.’  I immediately recognized that it was a problem, but I didn’t realize that it was planned.  Now I do, and we are all paying the penalty for it.  What was that information for which we are now paying?  Keep reading. Continue reading “Because, “I Want To Change The World!””

COVID-19: ‘On The Front Lines’ ???

Have you heard any of these commercials or public service announcements that talk about the COVID-19 virus like it were some sort of war, and the people trying to care for us and keep society going are ‘on the front lines’ of this war?  Well, this is a trick.  That language is being used to get you to willingly submit to slavery, and I would like to show you how it works. Continue reading “COVID-19: ‘On The Front Lines’ ???”