Before I’m Accused Of Double-Speak

I posted two posts on my blogs today that, to people who do not think, will appear to be hypocritical.  Such people will read them and then tell me I am telling believers not to resist evil, but then, I turn and tell Patriots to use violence.  Like I said: only those who do not think or understand will draw this conclusion.  To those who do think, they will understand my two posts are in perfect alignment with each other.  However, for anyone who might be caught somewhere in between, I offer this simple explanation.

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Beck: Continue To Trust ‘The System?’

I listen, or rather, used to listen to Glenn Beck, but I am having greater and greater difficulty listening to him.  If you are a fan, I beg you to hear me out — please.  As the Spiritual darkness grows, I find his apostate belief system creeping through his show is growing, as well.  I guess it is the Holy Spirit within me, but I cannot listen to hims anymore.  He is simply leading too many astray, and I do not want to risk being deceived by him, myself.  Today, the issue is Beck’s worship of the Constitution and his continued calls for people to keep trusting our ‘system.’

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Bill Gates and the COVID ‘Vaccine’

Brothers and Sisters,

It is time to cling to the Messiah, the Father and the Scriptures like never before.  Read the Word every day!  We need to bury it deep in our hearts so that, when we need it, the Lord can bring it to mind to defend us, or to help lead others to safety.  Here is one example of what I mean:

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