The ‘Correct’ Wat To Approach Prophecy

I’m not sure there is a ‘correct’ way to approach YHWH’s Prophetic Word, but I’m pretty sure there is a responsible way to do it.  Too many people try to seize hold of prophecy; to make it something of their own design, under their control.  I know of at least one such man, and what he has done with prophecy is nothing short of blasphemy.  Others seek to use prophecy as some sort of crystal ball by which they can tell the future.  There are even people who have built their own apostate religions around small sections of prophecy.  All of these have at least two things in common. They seek to use YHWH’s Prophetic Word for their own prestige or material gain, and they all deceive or lead people away from YHWH.  So, while I cannot say that I know the ‘correct’ way to approach prophecy, I am pretty sure I can tell when it is being done irresponsibly. Continue reading “The ‘Correct’ Wat To Approach Prophecy”

The Woman In Revelation 12

I was asked by a friend to write a post explaining how I understand the prophecy about the woman in Revelation 12:14.  This is part of a very big discussion, as I have come to hold a very, very different understanding of prophecy than what the Church has taught in modern times.  So, before we begin, let me explain a few things that will be important for you to understand about why I see things so differently. Continue reading “The Woman In Revelation 12”

You Don’t Have The Liberty To ‘Interpret’ The Words Of Others

I had a sad encounter today.  I had another believer tell me they are secure in their faith because of their ‘interpretation’ of the Lord’s Word.  I have come to a point where, every time I head someone speak words to the effect of, ‘That’s your interpretation,’ another piece of my heart dies.  How is it that otherwise intelligent people convince themselves that they have the liberty to ‘interpret’ the meaning of another person’s words?  Worse still, how do believers convince themselves that they have this liberty with YHWH’s Word?  Well, I’m telling whoever will listen that none of us have such liberty.  If you’ll let me, I’ll explain why. Continue reading “You Don’t Have The Liberty To ‘Interpret’ The Words Of Others”

Believers, Do You Know What It Means To Be ‘In’ Christ? (are you sure?)

I hear many people say that they are ‘in Christ.’  I used to wonder, what — exactly — does that mean?  You see, I never knew or understood what it meant because no one I knew understood it, either.  But then I read the Scriptures (novel idea, huh?).  Now I know what it means.  What I wonder now is, how many others who claim to know and be ‘in’ Christ know what it means?  More importantly, how many realize the terrible cost of being wrong? Continue reading “Believers, Do You Know What It Means To Be ‘In’ Christ? (are you sure?)”

Believers, How Many Gods Does The Bible Say There Are? (are you sure?)

Does the Bible say that there is only one god, or are there many gods?  Do you know?  Are you sure?  If I showed you that the Bible teaches there are many gods, would you be willing to give up what you have been taught in the past and learn to put your beliefs in line with Scripture?  If you refused, could you still say you know Christ?  Have I got your attention?  I hope so because, if you’ll give me a few minutes of your time, I’d like to take you Scripture surfing in a way that may force you to question everything you have been taught in Church.  Won’t you come along? Continue reading “Believers, How Many Gods Does The Bible Say There Are? (are you sure?)”