The ‘Real Life’ “Infinity Wars” and “Endgame”

I love the movies.  I know most of them are riddled with Progressive propaganda, but I still enjoy them.  One of my favorite series has been the Avengers movies.  Recently, they wrapped up a lengthy series of connected movies in a two-part finale.  This finale consisted of ‘The Infinity Wars” and “End Game.”  Now, for the reason I liked these two movies so much — and a peek inside my personal world of ‘conspiracy theories.’ Continue reading “The ‘Real Life’ “Infinity Wars” and “Endgame””

What Is ‘The Mark of The Beast?’

Now that I have explained why I believe a beast represents an evil kingdom, and that ‘on their right hand or on their forehead‘ refers to what we think and do, I’d like to explain my thoughts about what the mark of the beast might be.  However, before we begin, I’ll just admit to you that I make no special claim of knowing what the mark is with any degree of certainty.  I just want to explain what I believe it may be based on the previous two posts in this series. Continue reading “What Is ‘The Mark of The Beast?’”

What Does Scripture Say a ‘Beast’ Represents

‘The Beast’ is one of those subjects that seems to fascinate believers and non-believers alike.  As per most things, I happen to have a different take on what is meant by a ‘beast.’  Whether or not others agree, I see a prophetic language in the Scriptures, and it speaks to us in symbolic form.  However, the prophet in question will almost always define the symbolism in his prophecy.  We need but look for it and then accept it once we’ve found it.  Well, the meaning of a ‘beast’ in the prophetic language is no different.  So, let’s take a look at what the prophet, Daniel, was told a ‘beast’ represents. Continue reading “What Does Scripture Say a ‘Beast’ Represents”