Time To Make Some Major Changes???

I have tried to write this post several times and every draft sounded to me like I was being self-serving.  I want to learn how to serve others rather than myself.  I know that requires humility, true humility.  I’m just not sure I even know what that is anymore, so, I decided to just write this as matter-of-factly as I can and pray that it comes off sounding like something less than a humble brag.  I hope it works.

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A Worthwhile Discussion

I know I have been away from this blog for a while, but I have been waiting on the Lord.  I’ll return soon, but not until I know it is time.  Until then, here is a video of a very worth-while discussion.  I hope you will make time to watch it.  It is far better, and far more timely than anything I know of on TV.  Oh, for what it’s worth, this is about the nature of evil — especially as it applies to our modern society and times.

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A Sensitive Discussion About The Catholic Church

I had a pleasant discussion with one of my readers on The Road To Concord this week.  It was about the Catholic teaching that it is the true church of Christ, as established in Matthew 16:18-19.  I was raised Catholic, so I know this is a very sensitive issue for many in the Catholic church.  None the less, I would like to address the topic, and to offer some gentle correction to those who may believe the Catholic teaching.  But first, I want to say that what follows is in no way meant to be read as a condemnation, or judgment or rebuke.  I offer my words out of an agape love, and I hope hope that they will be received that way. Continue reading “A Sensitive Discussion About The Catholic Church”

Talk Radio For Christians!

I would like to introduce you to the only person I know left on radio who I will still listen to for wisdom and guidance.  There may be others, but this man is the only person I know who is speaking truth without holding back.  What’s more, I consider him to be my superior in many ways.  He knows Scripture as well or better than I do.  He knows as much or more history and philosophy than I do.  And he is as rational and rooted in logic as I am.  Frankly, he is the type of man I hope to be if and when I ever grow up.  So, if you find value in my blogging, I ask you to take time to watch this video of Steve Deace talking about the events in D.C. this past Jan 6 (If you ever take my advice, do so now and watch this one — it is the best I’ve ever seen).