A STUDY IN REVELATION — PART 1: Why and How Should We Study Revelation?

OK, so, before we start with our study of the Book of Revelation, I thought we might take a moment to ask ourselves why we would want to study this Book.  For me, this is not going to be about trying to figure out exactly how the prophecies will unfold in this material world.  I am not going to do this: I am not going to join that long list of people who think this book of Scripture should be used as some sort of crystal or magic eight ball.  I believe those who have done so in the past — no matter how well meaning they may have been — have inevitably done as much or more harm than good.  Rather, I am going to lead this little study for a very different and — hopefully — a spiritually edifying reason, and I believe that reason can be found in Rev 1:3.

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Time For An Honest Look At The 2020 Election Results

If you watch the news, you may have noticed that the American Left is claiming that they not only won the election, but they now have a mandate to implement their agenda.  On the other hand, the Right is claiming that there is evidence of voter fraud and they are going to fight the election in court and — even if they lose — the election was not an endorsement for the Left-Wing agenda because the Right held the Senate and picked up seats in the House of Representatives.  So, both sides are trying to convince us they won.  Well, I don’t know who won, but I for-sure know who just lost, and why.

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